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The tree of life

(the collective thoughts of a schizophrenic)

-an explanation

     There are only two questions that really need answering and they are what actually is it and how does it work? The first question is quickly answered. It is a collection of books to aid self development and spiritual expansion centred round the ten levels of understanding which the tree of life actually is. The higher up the tree the more evolved to your purpose you are so I guess the next question must be how does it work? It works through unfolding spiritual wisdom though that will come more to light as the books unfold.

    The first book was And Death Came a Courtin' Death, well more your fear of it actually. A violent tale with a pointless ending where the only dreams you have are nightmares. The book itself shows glimpses of the afterlife, the shining light, the returning father and its violent content goes some way to desensitising death but its real purpose it to get you thinking about death and the possibilities of an afterlife.

    The second book Mary of the Seven Veils' and the concept of reincarnation comes to light. This is another violent tale for more desensitising but this time with a purpose behind it. Seven veils for the seven character flaws. Along with this purification evolution to the spirit. The book touches on life after death but also life before birth as a past life is revealed to the hero of the tale.

    The third book along with the third level is The Path of Shadows. A journey over many lifetimes to find your self. Incidentally the death of the old self, Daniel son of Cormick made possible the birth of Danny MacCormick the last man alive in the first book and the first circle of the circles of being and on another level the first three books form a triad. This is instinct, the first state of grace. This level also sees the advent of free will with the introduction of Will Kavanagh (Cabanagh meaning intention so basically a will with a purpose) and a little light to whet your appetite.

    The fourth book An Ancestral Walk is the first of the triad of intellect, the second state of grace. It is four histories to help expand your memory, the fourth level of understanding. This level goes hand in hand with level three so it is actually thought and memory. The final two books of the triad are the fifth level of understanding, Aspects of Life to signify the experience you need to get to the next level and the Book Formerly Known as Reality the spiritual wisdom for the same.

    Spiritual negative and Will Kavanagh is back again. Ireland Folk Tales level six, a deeper level of understanding and the meaning of life. Level seven Folk Tales Too a further unfolding and level eight Folk Tales for the final of the triad and the death of the ego for Will Kavanagh is no more. He is reborn as Peredur MacCluskey in 'Folk Tales Five' completing the second circle of being and starting the triad of spiritual positive, the fourth state of grace.

    Two books for level nine though they were interlinked in a chicken and egg scenario. The idea for writing the book comes at the end of the first Natural Born Sinners and all the way through the second Genesis-a New Beginning the plots are hatched until it comes to fruition at the end, symbolised by infinity, the horizontal '8' sign.

    Level ten and the final triad, divinity, The 3 R's This is a deeper understanding of Genesis along with other spiritual works penned by Peredur MacCluskey to complete the third circle.

    Now basically the higher up the tree the stronger the light through deeper understanding of the subject matter. I have only really concentrated on the books relationship with each other and their place in the scheme of things as the contents of the book are pretty much self explanatory and they are also a guide as to what you might have to actually go through to climb to the next stage so be careful out there.

The Pi Factor

There are three aspects of the Divine. Love, History-Well Here’s Mine light, Tales with ‘I’ in and power A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Astral Travelling.

Its essence is the spirit of Love, A Slice of Pi its elemental make up, Earth the Soul and spirit of Knowing, 101 Songs of Love and Hate Air the Spirit and spirit of Life Colouring by Numbers Fire, the Imagination and spirit of Insight Poetic Thoughts and Water the Will and spirit of Wisdom The Purrlitical thoughts of Chairman Meow.

The combination of 1, 4 and 2 is seven, the seven spirits of God, five I've just named leaving purpose and understanding, the last two on the list, the power, masculine, Purpose Unplugged and feminine, Understanding The Book Without the Words. 2Pi R is two people knowing the word so to complete the circle you have to enlighten someone else.

And finally to merge and complete both sections we have Amanda-The Legend that is Arascain. Love and light for you are now the power.